Paris’ Fashion Set Welcomes a New Designer

2015|06|30_By Tina Isaac-Goizé on "Nicolas Ouchenir, the man behind the calligraphy of 20 couture houses, with his partner, the ANDAM nominee Hugo Matha, officially welcomed Nistri to Paris with a private dinner at Caviar Kaspia on Tuesday night. welcome speech. “Ilaria and I share a love of ink, but beyond that, she is fabulous and elegant. She is femininity pour moi!” he cheered.

“I’m actually not one to talk about inspirations, I’d rather talk about the people I meet,” offered Nistri, who is currently scouting for a suitable venue for her Paris presentation. “I think that perhaps, in the end, being a designer is also about finding the right balance. And meeting the right people.”

Many of the right people in Paris were delighted to meet her, too. So much so that, by midnight, the party had migrated to a back room for a little dancing before calling it quits. Sleep be damned, Ouchenir headed back to his blotter. Matha, who as it turns out can belt a tune in a few languages, has a couple days left to ponder what to wear for the ANDAM awards on Friday night. “Actually, I have nothing,” he lamented. “Maybe I’ll just go naked.” Tune in on Friday to see how that all works out."