November 2009_Surfaces, shapes in evolution become dresses and then turn to surfaces again.

The intimate link between Ilaria Nistri collections and the people that allow to realize them, has always been an intense dialogue, source of mutual inspiration. Now fragments of this dialogue become public through peculiar speechless “pièce”, where the only language used is the one of surfaces and fabrics. Of material in all its shades.

After “On Stage” fashion show - the event organized last September for the official opening of Milano Unica in cooperation with Italian Vogue - where Ilaria Nistri realized an anthological fashion show of her last collections, following the thread of fabric, yarn and leather, moved through treatments and applications becoming embroidery, archived for the moment the shape concept, in the Showroom clothes and accessories become again to be veritable surfaces too, panels and installations tell the story of a link. A relationship developed over the years between Ilaria’s creativity and all the people that made her ideas, her emotions, her sketches and her prints real. On huge plates, where craftsman knowledge and creativity are melting, the “savoir faire” becomes almost an art.

To celebrate.