2016|10|13_The prints of the spring summer 2017 collection capture our imagination and carry it along the marble route between Carrara and Pietrasanta. Here, wide, white wounds open on the sides of steep, sloping mountains, drawing your eyes to what, through suggestion and an idea of something sacred, are known as 'marble cathedrals'. Tunnels divided into enormous rooms in the heart of the mountain, where walls are not decorated by frescoes but by lines, geometric shapes and textures created over time by natural erosion and the work of man. An astounding sight.
On this trip we travel these routes once again, thinking about the centuries-old quarries whose marble became material in the hands of Michelangelo; and then gave life, in our times, to the marvellous stone garden that artist, Vanessa Beecroft, exhibited at the last Venice Biennial exhibition, an authentic fascination of memory.
We will find ourselves dining in Carrara’s oldest sculpture studio, the Laboratori Artistici Nicoli, where Beecroft materially created the works exhibited at the last Biennial, and which, over the years, has been visited by such artists as Mimmo Paladino, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Anish Kapoor, and Louise Bourgeois. In an atmosphere both rarefied and then intimate and airy, the music of the violoncellist Naomi Berrill and the pianist Simone Graziano.