2010|09|23_Invited by White Events, Ilaria Nistri presents the S|S 11 collection with a performance by Santasangre, a neo-avant-garde Italian theatre company.

The expressive power of this artistic project- capable of embracing the most significant artistic and performing languages, such as video, music, the body and the aesthetics of venues - resonates throughout the collection by Ilaria Nistri. The performance Liquida Matrice uses holographic images to revive the concept that inspired the S|S 11 collection: a black spot that throbs with its various, ambivalent meanings before settling on one of them and becoming the leitmotif of the collection. It is the primary magma of a Liquid Matrix.

At the end of an emotional journey that broadens the visual horizons, the collection by Ilaria Nistri is revealed in an installation of impalpable figures that occupy the space and produce an army of images.